November 22, 2019

Dear Unit Key-3 Leadership,

Early today, you should have received a message from the Grand Canyon Council with important information regarding the 2020 Friends of Scouting campaign. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to review that email which we have included below.

After doing so, please take a moment to complete this quick survey, so we can gather some much needed information from your Unit.

November 2019 Unit Survey

Thank you for all you are doing to support Scouting in our neighborhoods and making a significant difference in our communities.   The work and time you dedicate truly is making a difference!

Chris Smith
District Chair
Pinnacle Peak


We are so grateful for your continued volunteerism to Scouting and the youth of our community. Your dedication is what empowers the Grand Canyon Council to serve our objective of helping develop young people. As we approach the beginning of 2020, we are excited to share improvements to our annual Friends of Scouting plan. The changes outlined below make it easier to give for both families and community members to help support Scouting and the Grand Canyon Council. Please take three minutes to watch our video below for a better understanding of both our Friends of Scouting process and need. We thank you as Committee Chair, Unit Leader, or Chartered Organization Representative for helping us tell our Scouting story to your families and the broader community.


As we enter this Friends of Scouting campaign we are asking for your help.

As unit leadership, we need you to recommend an appropriate meeting in December or January where one of our district volunteers can share a (4 minute) State of the Council and District Update with your families. Immediately following that update we ask that you forward an email to all of your Scout families that give them an opportunity to give at a level where they are personally comfortable. Please contact your district Friends of Scouting Chair, District Executive, or reply to this email to schedule that visit.

We believe that having the chance to share our story and invite families to give will help us reach and exceed our Friends of Scouting goal helping us to deliver and enhance programs and service to you the units and of course our Scouts.

We know there are many questions about our finances and Friends of Scouting program and we seek to increase our transparency. This email to key Scouting unit leaders along with our State of the Council and District Update, and the Friends of Scouting email appeal to follow are steps and tools designed to help answer those questions. Below is the simplified Council Executive Board resolution to help the Friends of Scouting process and a Frequently Asked Questions section for items we believe are most pressing to you as Scout unit leadership. Our message will be further tailored for the individual Scouting families and our broader community members.

Family FOS Unit Participation  

The Volunteer Executive Committee of the Grand Canyon Council has removed and replaced the Unit FOS Resolution of 2017 with the following;  

  • As the Friends of Scouting annual giving campaign provides more than 25% of the annual revenue necessary to support council operations, The Executive Board of the Grand Canyon Council, Boy Scouts of America resolves that all units must annually participate with Friends of Scouting giving campaign at an appropriate level.  

  • The board authorizes the Scout Executive to establish and execute the unit Friends of Scouting plan.  

  • The board further resolves that all units will complete their Friends of Scouting obligation in accordance with the council plan prior to the approval of the unit re-charter.  

The 2020 Family Friends of Scouting plan, as established, is developed to simplify and clarify the FOS process. It will make it easier for donors, units, and district volunteers to support the necessary efforts of Friends of Scouting.  

  • FOS gifts for each unit will be established at a rate of $50 per registered youth on November 30th of the year prior to the FOS campaign.  

  • Council staff will prepare peer to peer fundraising appeals for each unit which a key unit volunteer will share with all Scouting families after the goal is set and before January 31st (December 1-January 31). Units are encouraged to request support beyond current Scouting families and to include parents, alumni, and other potential supporters.  

  • Gifts will be accepted as either one time gift or monthly recurring gifts. The option to bill donors later is eliminated.  

  • Regular status reports will be provided to district leadership on a weekly basis beginning in January. Unit status updates will be provided to the unit key point of contact regularly and upon request.  

  • Units will not be eligible to recharter for the coming year until the FOS payment reaches or exceeds the goal established above.  

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is November 30 2019 the date we are establishing goals? 

We are trying to establish a giving campaign early so we can spend the rest of the 2020 year on the fun program of Scouting. To help all units be successful with our Friends of Scouting campaigns, we feel the need to set goals before we begin visiting with families. Since our presentations are in December and January, we selected the end of November as our benchmark date.  These clear goals are set based on the amount of youth your unit reported serving through the course of 2019. 

What does the appeal email look like?  

The appeal message is an email that walks families through the outcomes, expenses, and revenue of Scouting. It will have a link to a page that shares a similar video designed for families and community members who may not know as much about Scouting and our goals as you do. It concludes by asking them to financially support us today.

Why are asking for personal gifts and NOT unit gifts?   

We want to make sure that as many members of our communities know and understand how Scouting is impacting our families. When a “unit gift” is made, we lose that opportunity. Individual gifts make it possible for us to personally thank them, helps spread the word faster and creates more opportunities for support.  


How will the unit receive information and appeal/letter?  

2020 Friends of Scouting information will be shared with the units by the district leadership via email. It will include the unit goal, the appeal link and information related to how FOS supports Scouting in Arizona.  


How do gifts get credited towards our unit's goal?  

The email you send out immediately following our state of the council and district update will have a link personalized for your Scout Unit. By utilizing the link provided in the email, your unit will automatically be credited with your gift. As part of the process, you may elect to have a recurring gift on a monthly basis. This recurring gift will be given on the day that the original gift was given.  

 Your unit-specific appeal email can be shared with non-Scouters. An innovative way to use the internet to engage the community and ask for their help funding our Scouting program.  We need to remember that this is a FRIENDS OF Scouting Campaign, let’s not solely depend on our own families to reach our FOS goal. Let’s use this tool to reach out to those beyond our regular Scouting Scope. (Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, Family-friends, Neighbors, Employers, Co-workers). By inviting more community members to give the need from each individual is reduced and our ability to serve grows.


What are the expectations and timeline for volunteers for the Friends of Scouting Campaign?  

The campaign runs from December- January. Immediately following the presentation, an appropriate unit volunteer will share our prewritten email so families can give. They can select a one time gift or monthly recurring gifts.


We are dedicated to help this campaign and each unit be successful. Please help share your successes and contact your district FOS chair or District Executive directly to help with any struggles. We value your time and want to help you as quickly as possible.

Pinnacle Peak district
Grand canyon Council

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