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Lost Dutchman District

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Thanks and Congratulations

As we start 2020, we wish to thank our 2019 District Officers and congratulate our 2020 officers. 

  • Our 2019 District Chair, Tim Wolfe will be the new Council VP of Operations.  Replacing him as District Chair is Rick Durfee. 

  • John Bryant will continue as the District Commissioner.

  • Isaac Garcia will continue as District Executive.

  • Izaac Rohman is replacing Kathy Polowski as Vice-chair of Membership.

  • James Bradley is replacing Paul Snyder as Vice-chair of Programs.

  • Tony Madonia will continue as Vice-chair of Communications.

  • Chuck Holland will continue as Vice-chair of Finance.

Thank you to Tim, Kathy, and Paul for your service to the Lost Dutchman District!!

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